Secure Linux for the automotive sector

Leverage the most popular open source operating system to accelerate time to market for your connected vehicles. Ubuntu is the choice platform to develop cockpit infotainment, edge connectivity, mixed-criticality and AI for automotive applications. What’s more, Ubuntu Core is designed to enhance functional safety for critical embedded systems. Canonical brings 15 years of experience, enabling and supporting Linux to the automotive sector.

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Security for functional safety

Connected driving is a safety-critical application that demands the highest security standards. Ubuntu delivers the most stringent security features for embedded system software. Ubuntu Core, the embedded distribution of Ubuntu, is built upon tamper-proof application containers. Advanced security features like secure boot and full disk encryption add to the inherently strong integrity of Ubuntu Core. Canonical will be partners with you in achieving compliance with automotive industry security standards.

Read the Ubuntu Core security whitepaper

Long-term software updates for cars in the field

We are bringing our commercial support experience for Linux and open source software to the automotive sector. Ubuntu is delivered with long term support for over ten years. Live kernel patching, CVE fixes and software updates are all part of the package. We have devised a reliable over the air mechanism, that is failure tolerant and optimised for minimal bandwidth. Additionally, our support service is available 24/7 to customers.

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Lower the cost of R&D with open source


Shorten developer cycles with Ubuntu. Most software developers around the world are already familiar with Ubuntu. Finding talent is easier, and they’ll be up to speed quicker


Build on the shoulders of giants. The open source community around Ubuntu is strong. You do not have to start from scratch, and you can contribute software to existing projects.


Snaps package every language runtime in isolated application containers. Your teams can deliver software in the language they are most comfortable.

Enable emerging technologies

Connected cars require emerging software technologies to be seamlessly integrated into coherent solutions.

Embedded AI

  • Support for GPU accelerated hardware on embedded mobile nodes and on edge gateways
  • Infrastructure automation in the cloud and at the edge to support ML workloads
  • Easy integration of machine learning frameworks like Kubeflow

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  • Ubuntu delivers and maintains the latest general purpose Kernel
  • Canonical can deliver a PREEMPT-RT patched Kernel on demand
  • We can enable mixed-critically architectures with optimisations for the requirements of your underlying hardware

Learn about low-latency and real-time kernels ›

Edge computing

  • Our technology stack can power process, application and systems virtualisation
  • Canonical delivers Kubernetes optimised for the edge with MicroK8s
  • Ubuntu works with multiple container runtimes: Docker, LXD or OCI

Build innovative applications for connected vehicles

We offer the technology primitives that new automotive applications can be built quickly.

  • Digital Car Cockpit

    As customers expectations for digital experiences evolve, car manufacturers need to rethink cockpit user experience to deliver an intuitive UX for infotainment, navigation and enhanced passenger safety. Canonical has extensive UX and HMI experience, thanks to Ubuntu Desktop. This experience is encapsulated in our display solutions; Wayland and Mir.

  • ADAS

    Enhanced passenger safety is a key benefit of smart cars. Complex sensors need to be integrated into the car to map traffic situations dynamically. Furthermore, advanced communication protocols need to be implemented to transmit the collected data. Ubuntu is open source, with an active developer community. Choosing Ubuntu lowers the technical challenge of integrating sophisticated new technologies.

  • Connected ECUs

    We provide the foundations for smart connected ECUs in a mixed-criticality architecture. Our full abstraction of the hardware layer in embedded systems unlocks new possibilities like time-sensitive networking in automotive systems and ECU virtualisation. We collaborate with experienced partners for compliance with safety standards.

  • V2X

    V2X requires the support for a variety of communication stacks and protocols, from the vehicle to other vehicles, infrastructure or roadway users. Our approach to V2X is software-defined networking. We build on infrastructure abstraction and automation, leveraging our edge version of Kubernetes, Snap application containers and cloud orchestration tools like Juju. Enabling hardware standardisation and faster development lead time for V2X solutions.



We are proud to start this new technological partnership with Canonical. IoT and AI on the Edge are ecosystem plays. With the collaboration between Eurotech and Canonical, customers will have even more choices and more ready-to-use building blocks for their Edge Computing and Edge Inference projects

Marco Carrer, CTO at Eurotech Group

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