Canonical empowers the financial services industry

With evolving regulations, growing security threats and increasing costs – plus the emergence of game-changing new technologies like AI and Blockchain – the finance world needs practical solutions, now more than ever. That’s why Canonical enables sellside and buyside financial services institutions, retail banking operations and insurance and fintech firms to build secure, agile infrastructure with the flexibility to scale.

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Multi-cloud operations and financial services

Financial services companies are adopting multi-cloud, with public clouds and private clouds providing agile infrastructure for growth and evolution. Learn how to keep up with the pace of change as you adopt new development methodologies, new technologies and new infrastructure.

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Blockchain, AI/ML and containers - The impact on financial services

Finance is moving an avalanche of change and facing new cloud-native entrants. To keep up with the pace of change, established financial organisations need to adopt new development methodologies, new technologies (AI & Blockchain) and ultimately, new infrastructure (hybrid cloud & Kubernetes). Tight regulation, legacy systems and inflexible software stacks leave many tied down and unable to respond to the pressure to reduce costs and change at pace.


Getting started with AI

AI for fraud prevention, robo-advisors, risk management… now is the time to take the plunge. Whether on-prem or in the cloud, you can establish an AI strategy that connects to your business case, forming a scalable AI solution that is focused on your particular data streams.

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Streamline business with containers for legacy apps

Discover how Linux container technologies offer control and flexible provisioning while driving greater density, efficiency and manageability, without additional hardware or infrastructure investment. Different approaches work for next-generation apps and legacy apps. Ubuntu has them all.

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Bloomberg’s OpenStack deployment

Find out why Bloomberg chooses Ubuntu-based OpenStack and partners with Canonical for scale, security, economics to handle customisation and integration with their internal systems.

Case study

Discover why Allan Gray turned to Canonical and Kubernetes to boost efficiency and availability

Allan Gray needed to ensure maximum availability for mission-critical systems, which is why it turned to Canonical for enterprise support for Kubernetes.

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Case study

OpenStack in the financial services sector

Read about how Canonical ensured that City Network stood out from the crowd thanks to superb service quality and a unique focus on industry-specific regulatory compliance.

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