Multi-cloud Kubernetes
on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the reference platform for Kubernetes on all major public clouds, including official support in Google’s GKE, Microsoft’s AKS and Amazon’s EKS CAAS offerings. We deliver pure upstream Kubernetes tested across the widest range of clouds — from public clouds to private data centres, from bare metal to virtualised infrastructure.

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Upstream K8s options supported by Canonical


Workstations, DevOps, edge & IoT

  • Single-package install
  • Upstream release tracking
  • Istio support
  • GPU support
  • Local registry support
  • Host storage

Developers love MicroK8s as a simple, conformant Kubernetes for rapid iteration and CI/CD testing. It’s also popular as a secure and robust K8s for IoT and appliances.

Charmed Kubernetes

Multi-cloud clusters

  • Bare metal, VMware infrastructure
  • AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack, Oracle, Rackspace clouds
  • Public cloud LBAAS, storage, networking integrations
  • Built-in registry
  • Built-in high availability
  • In place upgrades
  • Automated scaling

Deploy, scale and upgrade Kubernetes clusters across multiple physical or virtual machines with Charmed Kubernetes. Charmed Kubernetes includes long-term support, operations automation capabilities and Graylog, Prometheus and Grafana integration.

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Manual operations

  • Experimental upgrade support
  • For hand-built clusters with custom operations regimes

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Enterprise support

Enterprise support for Kubernetes on Ubuntu is provided by Canonical as part of an Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure (UA-I) support subscription on a large range of substrates. UA-I also includes long-term security maintenance, kernel Livepatching and mission-critical infrastructure support for the full stack, from kernel to container. Canonical supports K8s on Ubuntu on public clouds, VMware, OpenStack and bare metal.

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On public clouds and on-premises

The default platform for Kubernetes

All leading cloud providers, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco and IBM run cloud Kubernetes services on Ubuntu because we focus on the latest container capabilities in modern kernels. This focus is why Ubuntu is also the top choice for on-premises enterprise Kubernetes, with MicroK8s, kubeadm and Charmed Kubernetes all supported by Canonical.

  • Multi-cloud ready

    Deploy and operate consistently on AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Rackspace, SoftLayer, or on private VMware and OpenStack clouds.

  • Updates and upgrades

    Canonical enables upgrades to each new stable upstream K8s release as well as edge builds, so you can migrate to the latest version when needed.

  • Secure

    Every component of Canonical’s Kubernetes distribution receives security maintenance, and all components communicate with TLS encryption.

  • Supported

    Ubuntu Advantage K8s enterprise support includes a range of SLA’s and choice of physical, virtual and/or cloud. Canonical supports the full stack from kernel to K8s.

  • Extensible

    Easy integration of standard open source logging, monitoring, alerting, storage, networking and container runtimes. Consulting for deeper customisation is available.

  • Fully managed

    At your request, Canonical’s remote operations team can build and operate Kubernetes for you, on-premises or on your choice of public cloud. We will transfer control of the cluster to your ops team any time you want to take over.

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  • GPU and CUDA ready

    Automatically detect and configure GPU resources for accelerated machine learning, AI and transcoding workloads on K8s.

  • Converged

    Storage, networking and compute are overlaid in our hyper-converged reference architecture, ensuring the efficient use of resources and high availability failover.

  • Conformant

    Charmed Kubernetes has consistently been the leader in K8s test suite performance and API standards conformance

  • Resilient

    Charmed Kubernetes deployments are high availability by design, with zero downtime upgrades in place

  • Bare metal

    Deploy on bare metal 乐天堂fun88备用网址s for peak performance with high availability, GPU auto-detection and software-defined storage

  • Native

    Integrate with underlying public cloud SAAS for optimised LBAAS, storage, identity and other services

Get started with Kubernetes consulting packages

Canonical provides consulting to help you establish your Kubernetes operations. We also offer long-term support and managed K8s.


Basic workshop

Three-day training on Kubernetes deployment and operations. Ramp up team on Kubernetes and enable your team to deploy on VMware and public clouds.

What’s included:

  • K8s and container basics
  • Reference architecture
  • Multi-cloud approach
  • Security and patching
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Lifecycle management
  • Backup and recovery


Workshop and reference architecture

Three-day training plus five days of deployment of a reference k8s architecture on VMware, private and public clouds.

What’s included:

  • High availability
  • Cloud, VMware, OpenStack
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Calico and Flannel
  • Three days standard training

Discoverer Plus

Co-design and full enterprise production deployment

Three weeks including on-site workshop, design and implementation of a custom architecture across bare metal, virtual and cloud environments.

What’s included:

  • High availability
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Cloud, VMware, OpenStack
  • Bare metal
  • GPU acceleration
  • Persistent storage volumes
  • Hands-on in-person knowledge transfer

AI/ML add-on for Discoverer and Discoverer Plus

Extend your Kubernetes training to cover machine learning. Build a full machine learning analytics pipeline from developer workstations to your data centre, the public cloud, and the edge. Training covers essential materials on GPU integration, public cloud optimisation, Kubeflow and Tensorflow. Workshop includes a readiness assessment by an independent data scientist of your current data suitability for AI/ML. Canonical works with the leading hardware, cloud and data science companies to ensure you have the widest range of choices for integration in your enterprise AI strategy.

AI/ML pipelines and workflows on Kubernetes

Data science add-on to K8s Discoverer or Discoverer Plus. Workshop and readiness assessment covering machine learning using Kubeflow on Kubernetes for model training and analytics. Includes GPU and FPGA integration for hardware data science acceleration on k8s.


One week workshop dedicated to Kubeflow, including JupyterHub covering everything your business needs for on-prem/off-prem AI/ML operations.

  • On-site or remote options
  • Hands-on Kubernetes and Kubeflow training
  • Framework of choice: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pachyderm, Seldon Core
  • Full pipeline view


Determine the readiness of your existing data science approach and capabilities.

  • Understand AI lifecycle
  • Preliminary data and process discovery
  • Development capacity assessment
  • Deploy and operate ML analysis
  • Finalise initial AI strategy

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Kubernetes training

Train your sysadmins and devops engineers to become Ubuntu OpenStack, Ubuntu 乐天堂fun88备用网址 or Charmed Kubernetes experts. Canonical runs training programmes to suit all environments and all levels of experience. Get the most out of your investment.

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