Canonical Livepatch Service

Apply critical kernel patches without rebooting.

  • Fixes are applied automatically, without restarting your system
  • Reduces downtime, keeping your Ubuntu LTS systems secure
    and compliant
  • Included as part of all Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure
    support packages

Livepatch is like a dream come true, both from a technical and a business standpoint. Our Ubuntu systems now rarely or never have to be rebooted. Service is continuous. That makes a big difference for user and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Masaaki Hirose, IT Platform Department, DeNA

Free for personal use

All you need is an Ubuntu One account. Free for 3 machines.

Part of Ubuntu Advantage

Buy as part of Ubuntu Advantage from Canonical. Buy online.

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Livepatch is used by

How to enable the Canonical Livepatch Service

  1. Generate your credentials

    Via the .

  2. Install the livepatch daemon

  3. Enable it on your system


Learn more about Livepatch

  • Detailed product overview
  • System requirements
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

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Livepatch is free to use on your own PC or 乐天堂fun88备用网址. To discuss whether Livepatch is right for your business, talk to our team.

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