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Canonical designs, builds, operates and supports OpenStack private clouds on Ubuntu. We understand the importance of certainty, stability, performance and economic efficiency for private cloud infrastructure.

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Canonical OpenStack

Fully managed OpenStack to maintain your business focus

Canonical operates many private OpenStack clouds on behalf of customers, enabling them to get the benefits of OpenStack while focusing their team on business workloads rather than infrastructure.

This is the fast way to validate the economic case for OpenStack; you don’t need new staff or skills, just allocate the hardware and engage with Canonical to manage your OpenStack. Once you have proven the economics of private cloud, you can invest in the skills and time to operate it yourself.

Fully managed OpenStack is a ’build, operate, transfer, support‘ service that allows you to take control of your own cloud at any time. All Openstack and operational components deployed are open source.

  • Jointly shape the OpenStack architecture
  • We help you plan your cloud hardware requirements
  • We build OpenStack in your data centre
  • We operate the cloud to an SLA
  • Transparent audit, logging, monitoring and management
  • When your team is ready, we hand over the keys

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Choose your OpenStack package

Private Cloud Build

Reference architecture deployment on 12+ nodes.

Two-week delivery of a highly available OpenStack on your certified hardware and in your data center.

What’s included:

  • Hardware guidance and sizing
  • Fixed-price deployment
  • Reference architecture
  • Open source storage
  • Simplified networking
  • Hyper-converged
  • Containerised control plane
  • Log aggregation
  • Monitoring cluster
  • Upgrades on demand
  • High availability

Private Cloud Build Plus

Custom architecture for your specific industry or workload requirements.

Co-designed workshops to determine the optimal architecture for your workloads and integration requirements. Our engineers then deploy it for you.

What’s included:

  • Workload analysis
  • VMware migration plan
  • Customised architecture
  • Containerised or isolated control plane
  • Storage and SDN integration
  • LDAP or Active Directory
  • Corporate monitoring
  • Telco VNF onboarding
  • GPGPU and FPGA passthrough
  • HPC optimisation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • High availability

Fully managed cloud

$15 per 乐天堂fun88备用网址 per day

Full remote operations of your Canonical OpenStack at half the price of VMware.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Proactive management
  • EU and US regulatory compliance options
  • Telco NFV options
  • Finance sector options
  • SDN options

The best way to start with OpenStack. Recognised by cloud economists as the best value private cloud.

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Migrate from VMware to OpenStack with Canonical

Fully open source and automated infrastructure as a service delivers dramatic cost and agility improvements for private data centers. Canonical manages the complexity to deliver OpenStack on rails — automated operations, flexible architectures and the world’s most popular cloud operating system, Ubuntu.

Move from VMware to OpenStack

  • Save 50% with fully Managed OpenStack compared to VMWare
  • Cloud infrastructure provides developer self-service agility
  • Architecture flexibility supports wide range of sector needs
  • Ubuntu is the infrastructure leader for large-scale Linux operations
  • Workload analysis, migration plan and automation
  • GPGPU and FPGA pass-through for workload acceleration
  • Integrated Kubernetes offering for modern application ops
  • Optimised KVM for high performance and security
  • Scale from one to hundreds of racks

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Your multi-cloud, our expertise

Canonical drives down the cost of OpenStack with fully managed private cloud services.

Your multi-cloud strategy depends on having competing public clouds and a cost-effective private cloud. Ubuntu is an essential ingredient of any successful multi-cloud strategy.

Our deep relationships with all major public cloud vendors ensure that Ubuntu is the most optimised OS on all public clouds. Ubuntu is also the number one operating system used for OpenStack deployments. That makes it a perfect platform for multi-cloud operations.

Analysts found that Canonical delivers the most efficient infrastructure as a service on-premise. This, together with neutral public cloud expertise, makes us the right partner for the move to cloud computing. We provide consulting, training, support and fully managed private cloud services for many of the world’s leading companies.


Real architectural flexibility, full automation

Every business is different, and every sector faces unique constraints. That creates real reasons to have your own OpenStack architecture. At the same time, reinventing all of the operations for a large open source codebase makes no sense. Canonical encodes operations in a way that is shared across all our customers, while retaining the ability to craft the most efficient architecture for a particular deployment. This is why Canonical can consistently and repeatedly outperform the competition on delivery and flexibility for OpenStack, and why Canonical leads on day-2 operations such as upgrades and scaling for the private cloud.

Charmed OpenStack is uniquely flexible and enjoys the widest ecosystem support of any OpenStack offering

  • Flexible placement of services across the cluster
  • Multiple high availability strategies for different scenarios
  • Operations, such as upgrades, are independent of architecture
  • Common operations code across all customer deployments
  • Containerised Control Plane or isolated services, your choice
  • Optional hyper-converged storage and compute
  • Fully automated, repeatable deployment and operations
  • Direct attach and Ceph storage built-in
  • SAN, Nexenta, Pure Storage and StorPool third-party options
  • VLAN, OVS, and open source SDNs
  • Juniper Contrail, Cisco ACI and Nuage available as third-party options
  • CI/CD for cloud infrastructure operations
  • Wide range of certified hardware
  • Hardware recommendations for efficient procurement
  • Training, consulting and operations capabilities and services
  • Ubuntu Advantage for infrastructure — predictable per-node support and security
  • Managed services available for both OpenStack and Kubernetes

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We deliver OpenStack in 2 weeks

Canonical’s cloud build service delivers production OpenStack clouds with an efficient reference architecture in 2 weeks on site. Featuring a containerised control plane, optional hyper-converged architecture, model-driven operations and upgrades to future OpenStack releases guaranteed, the OpenStack cloud from Canonical is the fast track to private cloud success. Optional consulting is available to tailor the architecture to your specific requirements.

  • SLAs and support services
  • On-site engineering and support
  • Reference architecture available
  • OpenStack feature development as needed
  • Customised architecture service placement
  • Repeatable, automated deployment
  • Hardware guidance

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The support has been fabulous. The whole team stepped up and helped us work through issues.

Director of Web Engineering, Best Buy Corp

The number one cloud and container operating system, by far

Ubuntu is the #1 platform for OpenStack and the #1 platform for public cloud operations on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, too.

Canonical delivers OpenStack on rails, with consulting, training, enterprise support and managed operations to help you focus on what matters most — your applications, not the infrastructure.

  • We are a founding member of OpenStack
  • The most widely used distribution of OpenStack
  • The largest OpenStack operators consistently pick Ubuntu - AT&T, Bloomberg, PayPal, eBay, Walmart and many more build OpenStack with Canonical
  • The Intel reference platform for telco OpenStack
  • Operations, such as upgrading OpenStack, are included
  • Canonical’s reference architecture optimises utilisation
  • Design, architecture, support, operations and training in one package by Canonical
  • Dell, HP, Lenovo, Supermicro, Quanta 乐天堂fun88备用网址s
  • Multi-cloud AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, OpenStack
  • Container friendly kernel makes Ubuntu #1 for Kubernetes, Docker and Linux system containers

Features of Canonical OpenStack on Ubuntu

Ubuntu powers 55% of OpenStack in production. Source:

Fully managed private OpenStack cloud

Start your private cloud journey with a low-risk managed OpenStack by Canonical. We help you design, deliver and operate your cloud, enabling you to focus on your apps while proving the business case for OpenStack.

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Consulting packages

We offer workshops, application requirements assessment, hardware recommendations and our 2-week on-rails Private Cloud Build, a fixed-price OpenStack deployment service.

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Install now

Deploy OpenStack on a single laptop or across many racks using Ubuntu, the most widely used cloud OS. Canonical is the most popular provider of OpenStack globally.

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Automate 乐天堂fun88备用网址 provisioning

Turn your data center into a physical cloud with MAAS bare metal provisioning. Open source IPAM and SDDC with enterprise support.

Use Ubuntu on all major public clouds

Ubuntu is the leading enterprise cloud OS, running most workloads in public clouds today. From container hosts to AI and machine learning, Ubuntu is the choice of Silicon Valley and beyond.

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Model-driven operations

Simplify your multi-cloud operations with Juju, an open source model driven operations system. Share operations code as open source, dramatically reducing the cost of complexity.

OpenStack training

Train your sysadmins and devops engineers to become Ubuntu OpenStack, Ubuntu 乐天堂fun88备用网址 or Charmed Kubernetes experts. Canonical runs training programmes to suit all environments and all levels of experience. Get the most out of your investment.

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Install OpenStack yourself — developer edition or production cluster

OpenStack developers looking to dig into the heart of a complex running OpenStack can follow our workstation install instructions for a single-node OpenStack deployment in multiple containers. For production environments, the same operational stack can be used at scale to deploy a full OpenStack cluster on bare metal 乐天堂fun88备用网址s. This Ubuntu reference OpenStack architecture uses and to operate efficiently on racks of bare metal.

Watch a Canonical Openstack deployment on Ubuntu