Open Infrastructure consulting & training


Private Cloud Build

Reference architecture deployment on 12+ nodes.

Two-week delivery of a highly available OpenStack on your certified hardware and in your data center.

What’s included:

  • Hardware guidance and sizing
  • Fixed-price deployment
  • Reference architecture
  • Open source storage
  • Simplified networking
  • Hyper-converged
  • Containerised control plane
  • Log aggregation
  • Monitoring cluster
  • Upgrades on demand
  • High availability

Private Cloud Build Plus

Custom architecture for your specific industry or workload requirements.

Co-designed workshops to determine the optimal architecture for your workloads and integration requirements. Our engineers then deploy it for you.

What’s included:

  • Workload analysis
  • VMware migration plan
  • Customised architecture
  • Containerised or isolated control plane
  • Storage and SDN integration
  • LDAP or Active Directory
  • Corporate monitoring
  • Telco VNF onboarding
  • GPU and FPGA passthrough
  • HPC optimisation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • High availability



Basic workshop

Three-day training on Kubernetes deployment and operations. Ramp up team on Kubernetes and enable your team to deploy on VMware and public clouds.

What’s included:

  • K8s and container basics
  • Reference architecture
  • Multi-cloud approach
  • Security and patching
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Lifecycle management
  • Backup and recovery


Workshop and reference architecture

Three-day training plus five days of deployment of a reference k8s architecture on VMware, private and public clouds.

What’s included:

  • High availability
  • Cloud, VMware, OpenStack
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Calico and Flannel
  • Three days standard training

Discoverer Plus

Co-design and full enterprise production deployment

Three weeks including on-site workshop, design and implementation of a custom architecture across bare metal, virtual and cloud environments.

What’s included:

  • High availability
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Cloud, VMware, OpenStack
  • Bare metal
  • GPU acceleration
  • Persistent storage volumes
  • Hands-on in-person knowledge transfer

Kubeflow Machine Learning Starter

AI/ML pipelines and workflows on Kubernetes

Data science add-on to K8s Discoverer or Discoverer Plus. Workshop and readiness assessment covering machine learning using Kubeflow on Kubernetes for model training and analytics. Includes GPU and FPGA integration for hardware data science acceleration on k8s.


One week workshop dedicated to Kubeflow, including JupyterHub covering everything your business needs for on-prem/off-prem AI/ML operations.

  • On-site or remote options
  • Hands-on Kubernetes and Kubeflow training
  • Framework of choice: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pachyderm, Seldon Core
  • Full pipeline view


Determine the readiness of your existing data science approach and capabilities.

  • Understand AI lifecycle
  • Preliminary data and process discovery
  • Development capacity assessment
  • Deploy and operate ML analysis
  • Finalise initial AI strategy

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