Private cloud TCO calculator

One of the biggest promises behind the private cloud infrastructure is better economics compared to proprietary hardware and public clouds. Use the TCO (total cost of ownership) calculator below to estimate the cost of your private cloud infrastructure with Canonical or learn more about differences between various OpenStack distributions.

Number of hosts A number of hosts that build the cloud. At least 12 are required.
Three of them are needed to run cloud supporting services.
For bigger numbers contact us directly.

Maximum storage capacity A data volume of services running on the cloud.
For bigger numbers contact us directly.

0 5,000 TB

Cloud type A desired cloud type: OpenStack, Kubernetes or both.
In case only one option is selected, it is assumed that the cloud will run directly on bare-metal machines.
If both are selected, it is assumed that Kubernetes will run on top of OpenStack.

Deployment type Private cloud deployment can be either based on the reference architecture
or a custom one. Use the existing deployment option to just check
the pricing of support or fully managed services.


Initial rollout:


Yearly operational cost:


Canonical’s managed services for OpenStack and Kubernetes allow to fully outsource cloud operational tasks to the Canonical’s team of cloud experts. Managed services may be the best option during the initial phase of the private cloud deployment process, but under certain circumstances, they may be also cheaper than the self-managed option. Remember that the self-managed option on the right does not include the cloud operations team's annual salary.

* Canonical provides managed services only for OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments based on Juju charms that have been deployed by Canonical.

** Ubuntu Advantage Advanced will be included by default.

*** Includes Managed MAAS.


Initial rollout:


Yearly operational cost:


Self-managed option may be better for organisations which already have knowledge, experience and resources required to operate the cloud. In this case support services should be considered as described below:

NOTE: This calculator is for informational purposes only. Actual numbers may vary depending on your requirements. Also, discounts may apply for bigger clusters. For more detailed pricing, please contact Canonical’s sales team.

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