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Smarter autopilots, infotainment, factories and business models.

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Accelerating on Ubuntu

Software-defined industry

Not just the car. The whole business of automotive.

Software shapes success in automotive today.

It's how you sim and virtually test.

It's how you automate factories.

It's how you operate online services.

It's how you turn metal into experience.

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ADAS development

Win the race for autonomy

Every leading team in the self-driving race runs Ubuntu.

Google. Uber. Bosch. VW. Argo.

Crunch data. Develop algorithms. In-car, on-premises and on-cloud. Ubuntu delivers the highest multi-cloud performance for AI/ML.

ROS and ISAAC security maintenance for long term operations. On NVIDIA Xavier, Drive PX2, and other silicon.

Industry 4.0

Faster factories, smarter robots

Digital transformation and continuous improvement with app-centric factory automation.

Monitor inventories. Spot defects. Manage warehouses. Optimise supply lines.

Run simulations for robot training and deploy new insights automatically in a snap. No downtime.

Deep learning

Accelerate data science – car, cluster and cloud

From self-driving to diagnostics and route planning, Ubuntu is at the heart of the biggest automotive analytics operations.

More frameworks, languages, libraries and solutions, from the widest range of companies and clouds.

On or public cloud. From Spark and Hadoop to Kubeflow. Better ML. Faster results.

Scania presents

Fast track CAD/CAM/CAE with dynamic HPC

Scania deploys agile HPC clusters for rapid digital design, validation, crash testing, and aerodynamics.

Supercomputers on-demand for CAD, CAM and CAE. Tame SLURM and get more from your cluster.

In-cabin digital

Next level infotainment

Consumer expectations are relentless.

New insights. New apps. New content. New experiences. Personalised. Contextual.

The ever-fresh experience needs secure, reliable, over-the-air updates and .

A new car feeling, every drive.

Over-the-air updates

OTA? Compressed. Transactional. Signed. Simple.

Update any system, any device, any day. Future-proof your fleet.

Full OS containerisation means transactional, atomic updates. Data snapshot backup and restore. Signed software integrity. Compressed delta updates.

Complete control. No delayed patches, no partial updates, no unauthorised ECU software.

V2X communication

Cruise control for private cloud

Orchestrate V2X and NFV on carrier-grade clouds.

Own the edge with .

Connect and containerise with Kubernetes from vehicle to edge.

Crisp, economical, robust and scalable.

Mixed-criticality ECUs

RTOS safety, Ubuntu agility

Isolate safety-critical software, and run consumer-friendly workloads on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu delivers software-defined differentiation. Run AUTOSAR Adaptive. Gather telemetry. Manage batteries. Connect customers.

Now available as .

Crisp, economical, robust and scalable.

Boost your automotive business with Ubuntu | Ubuntu

ARM and X86

The right silicon for every subsystem

We optimise Ubuntu for major silicon architectures, so you can choose the best ECU platform anywhere.

Develop on Ubuntu today and pick your platform later.

Open source 2.0

Better tools. Bigger ecosystem. Broader talent pool.

Leaders choose Ubuntu because . From cloud to edge.

Develop on Ubuntu today and pick your platform later.

Safety first

Top rated security. Best-in-class isolation.

We power innovation. And production.

Ten year CVE security maintenance, the most comprehensive container confinement and kernel livepatch for rapid rollouts in critical situations.

Because safety depends on the ability to evolve, resist and respond to new threats.

Long term support

Extended security, extended opportunity

You innovate. We maintain.

Extend ECU life and lifetime value with platform upgrades for new services and solutions.

Count on Canonical security coverage. Regular updates. Automated testing. Continuous deployment. Progressive releases.

A new world of constant car improvement.

Open source licensing

Straightforward compliance

Confidently integrate open source components into your proprietary solutions.

Source identification for all software components, all the time.

Simplify compliance. Streamline certification. Protect innovation.

Connected car security

Hardened apps. Hardened OS.

Your customers want apps. Your business needs security. Get both on Ubuntu.

Secure boot, full disk encryption and guarantee system integrity.

limits blast radius, keeps your apps apart, and controls access to hardware.

Curate your app store from global suppliers, with constant app security scanning and updates.

Software strategy acceleration

Trusted by executives. Loved by gearheads.

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Domain experts

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