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Ubuntu on AWS

Whether you are moving to Amazon Web Services or are already running cloud-native, Ubuntu is the platform of choice for AWS.

Canonical continuously tracks and delivers updates to Ubuntu images to ensure security and stability are built-in from the moment your machines and containers launch.

Today, Ubuntu powers billions of mission-critical workloads.

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Choose the right Ubuntu for you

Select between the standard Ubuntu fun88体育 and the Pro edition, which includes expanded security, compliance and AWS integration:


Free to use

  • AWS-optimised kernel and userspace components built from the latest releases
  • Broad set of open source application components available for development
  • Security patches for the kernel and key infrastructure components
  • Updates mirrored and images published in all AWS regions worldwide
  • 5-year lifetime

Ubuntu Pro for AWS

Starting at 0.1c/hour

  • Includes all Ubuntu optimisations and updates of the free version
  • Expanded security covering application components delivered with Ubuntu
  • Kernel live patching for instant security and longer uptimes
  • FIPS 140-2 and CC-EAL certified components
  • Integration with AWS security and compliance features
  • 10-year lifetime

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Ubuntu on AWS runs on an AWS-optimised kernel, which includes improved device drivers, like ENA, and out of the box support for accelerators like GPUs. This means faster instance starts and better runtime performance for your workloads.

Security built in

Our security teams track alerts 24x7 and release patches to system components and applications continuously. Canonical operates a worldwide distribution network ensuring that package updates are delivered in-region quickly.

All the bits you need

Ubuntu includes everything you need out of the box to build and operate cloud-native applications at scale. Supporting runtimes like Python, node.js and Go, and fun88体育 components like Apache Kafka, NGINX, MongoDB, Redis and PostgreSQL.

Get Ubuntu Pro on AWS now:

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Optimise your cloud journey with Canonical

Canonical works with the top enterprises and innovators in the world to define and execute their cloud journeys. Migration, application redesign, support and optimisation services are some of the ways in which we have helped customers make the most of Ubuntu and AWS together.

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The optimisations built into Ubuntu Pro on AWS provide us with the performance requirements needed and a trusted platform to run our operations and fleet

Justin Rigling, CTO at Rigado