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Canonical announcements

Canonical recognized as a 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner

by Canonical on 8 July 2021

LONDON — July 8, 2021 — Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, today announced it has been named a winner for a 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. The...

Canonical announcements

Kubernetes & Cloud Native report 2021 by Canonical

by Canonical on 29 June 2021

Industry global survey from Canonical: 85% of enterprises have yet to cross the chasm to full Kubernetes and Cloud Native adoption.Data from 1,200 respondents...

Canonical announcements

Canonical enables Ubuntu on SiFive’s HiFive RISC-V boards

by Canonical on 23 June 2021

With Canonical announcing Ubuntu support for so much new hardware, the announcement of Ubuntu ported to a new architecture can go unnoticed. But today, we...

Canonical announcements

Canonical launches Blender LTS support

by Canonical on 23 June 2021

SMEs and studios can put the world’s most popular 3D creation software into production with Canonical enterprise-grade support.

Canonical announcements

Introducing Ubuntu Pro for Google Cloud

by Canonical on 14 June 2021

June 14th, 2021: Canonical and Google Cloud today announce Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud, a new Ubuntu offering available to all Google Cloud users. Ubuntu Pro...

Canonical announcements

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology taps Canonical for cloud computing overhaul

by Canonical on 8 June 2021

New OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments improve computing performance for researchers, ease management pains for IT staff SAUDI ARABIA, June 8, 2021 —...

Canonical announcements

Ubuntu supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ampere A1 Compute

by Canonical on 25 May 2021

Together with Oracle, Canonical announces an optimised Ubuntu image for the launch of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Ampere A1 Compute.

Canonical announcements

Easily deploy and manage Mattermost on Kubernetes with the new Juju charmed operator

by Canonical on 27 April 2021

Introducing the Juju Charms Operator for Mattermost seamless application upgrades and supported features on Linux and Windows. We’re excited to announce our...

Canonical announcements

Ubuntu 21.04 is here

by Canonical on 22 April 2021

Ubuntu 21.04 is here, with native Microsoft Active Directory integration, performance optimization and joint support for Microsoft SQL fun88体育 on Ubuntu.

Canonical announcements

Hardened ROS with 10 year security from Open Robotics and Canonical

by Canonical on 6 April 2021

Canonical ROS ESM customers now can access a long-term supported ROS and Ubuntu environment by the Ubuntu and ROS experts. Learn more about ROS ESM. 6 April...

Canonical announcements

Livepatch 2021-03-24 incident investigation report

by Canonical on 26 March 2021

Description A defective livepatch for kernel 4.4 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) was not caught in internal testing processes because the defect was a race...

Canonical announcements

Canonical, Collabora, Nextcloud deliver work-from-home solution to Raspberry Pi and enterprise ARM users

by Canonical on 25 March 2021

March 25th, 2021 – Canonical, Collabora and Nextcloud announce the immediate availability of a content collaboration platform for 64bit ARM for both consumers...

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