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Ubuntu Core is Ubuntu, engineered for IoT and embedded systems. It’s easy to deploy, tamper-resistant and hardened against corruption.

Ubuntu Core features:

  • snap-based, security first: snaps are secure, easy to build, and painless to distribute. Public/private key validation ensures what’s running is exactly what’s intended to run

  • simple, consistent installation and deployment: Ubuntu Core is installed via an immutable image, which can be either installed or built specifically for your platform and application

  • a read-only filesystem: apps run in isolation from each other and access to system resources is only granted with explicit permissions

  • transactional updates: signed, autonomous and atomic, updates can withstand unpredictable hardware and network conditions, even to the operating system

From a single Raspberry Pi, to a deployment of tens of thousands, it’s the ideal platform for anything that needs to run securely, be ever-ready, autonomously updated, and tamper-proof.

To learn more, take a look at the highlighted documentation below, or dive into the documentation on the left.

Discovering Ubuntu Core
Getting started Install and try Ubuntu Core on your own devices
What is Ubuntu Core Inside Ubuntu Core’s strengths and advantages
Using Ubuntu Core Access your device, install apps and manage services
Advanced features
Snaps in Ubuntu Core Discover which snaps Ubuntu Core is built upon
Security and sandboxing Security policies and how they’re implemented
Full disk encryption Protect the confidentiality and integrity of device data
Building images
Image building How to build images for your hardware
Custom images Bespoke images for any supported platform
Gadget snaps Understanding the gadget snap and system properties

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