Smart things as a service

  • Bring your IoT devices to market in the blink of an eye with SMART START
  • Focus on your apps, we handle the rest
  • Fast to market, low risk, and scalable

Canonical offers full-service enablement, customisation and development to get your first device to market. App store and security updates guaranteed.

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Fast to market

Lead time to ship a smart product can be as short as 2 weeks. We have all the components ready for you to pick.


Start small with up to 1000 devices. Invest a small budget. Move fast, get market insights early and take the next steps.


Expand after your market introduction. More customers, more devices, new hardware, new apps.

Launched with SMART START

Industrial gateway

Digital medical diagnostic device

V2X infrastructure

Shop floor data collector

Health monitoring kiosk

Networking equipment

Simple choices

We've standardised and accelerated your journey to market.


  • Certified x86 boards (Intel NUC family and more)
  • Certified Raspberry Pis (Compute Modules and derivatives)
  • All peripherals supported
  • CI/CD pipeline integration


  • App embedding
  • Strict application isolation for security
  • Tamper-proof containerisation
  • Automatic OTA updates

App store

  • Private branded IoT app store included
  • Secured, hosted and managed
  • Global CDN for software delivery
  • CI/CD pipeline integration

Software updates

  • Choose suitable update frequency
  • Automatic roll-backs on failure
  • Metered billing
  • Single secure source of updates


  • Knowledge transfer workshops
  • On-demand training content
  • Engineering consulting


  • After-sales support
  • Ticket resolution
  • Long term commercial partnership

Ubuntu is pervasive in business and has a rich ecosystem of partners to accelerate time to market and time to value for organizations that choose to utilize SMART START.

Flexible add-ons

  • Hardware enablement

    Bring up Ubuntu Core in any hardware

  • Secure boot

    Secure the boot chain for your devices

  • Full disk encryption

    Secure data at rest for privacy and confidentiality

  • High-availability Kubernetes

    Build resilience into your appliance

  • Kernel livepatch

    Zero downtime for Kernel updates

  • FIPS certification

    Meet federal Information Processing requirement

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