Optimised Ubuntu on public clouds

Ubuntu builds optimised and certified fun88体育 images for partners like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Rackspace and Oracle. In addition, Canonical offers Ubuntu Advantage, enterprise-grade commercial support, on these images.

Ubuntu Pro on public cloud

  • 10 years of package updates and security maintenance with Ubuntu Pro
  • Kernel Livepatch, which allows for continuous security patching and higher uptime and availability by allowing kernel security updates to be applied without a reboot
  • Customised FIPS and Common Criteria EAL-compliant components for use in environments under compliance regimes such as FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA and ISO
  • Patch coverage for Ubuntu's infrastructure and application repositories, spanning hundreds of open source workloads including Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redis and more

Ubuntu fun88体育

  • Maintenance and security updates guaranteed for five years with Ubuntu LTS
  • Enterprise-grade support and management tools available direct from Canonical
  • Proven for enterprise-scale workloads on all leading public clouds
  • Free from licence fees, regardless of how many images you run

Use Ubuntu in the cloud

Here are some shortcuts to get you up and running with Ubuntu on various public clouds. You can also use our Ubuntu Cloud image finder to search for the ids of specific Ubuntu images on various public clouds by location, architecture, release and more.

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

Google Cloud Platform lets you build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google's scalable infrastructure.

Develop with Ubuntu cloud images

If you want to modify the standard images, develop locally with a specific public cloud image, or use an image on your private cloud, you can download them from cloud-images.www.ii0fi.com.