Embedded Linux 2.0

It's time for a better developer experience.
More reliable updates. Much better security.

Faster, cheaper, better. Pick any 3.

  • Reduce the time to design, develop and launch your devices.
  • Lower the cost of development and maintenance.
  • Raise the quality and security of every component.
  • Save time

    Developers are much more productive on Ubuntu than handcrafted embedded Linux.

  • Save money

    Sharing a platform shares the cost. Licensing is cheaper, updates more tested and maintenance shared.

  • Raise quality

    Familiar and widely used Ubuntu means easy CI/CD, better tools, faster updates and better kernels.

  • Pre-enabled boards

    Linux is not a differentiator. Use pre-enabled boards and focus on software unique to your story.

  • Simplify operations

    Managing a familiar environment and platform is easier and cheaper than a specialist OS. Naturally.

  • More talent

    More Linux developers choose Ubuntu, so the talent pool is deeper and broader.

Explore what snaps bring to Embedded Linux

Developers drive success

Give them the platform they love.

  • More developers

    Tap the biggest talent pool. Ubuntu is ahead of the pack by every measure.

  • More packages

    Productivity starts with reuse. Accelerate developers with the world's largest package selection.

  • Better tools

    Every compiler and language developers use today is there, free, in Ubuntu.

  • Cloud compatible

    Developers use Ubuntu in the cloud for CI/CD and build systems — iterate faster, deliver sooner.

  • Latest software

    Ubuntu is renowned for being the place where you get the best and the latest bits.

  • Container friendly

    The people who drive docker hardest do it on Ubuntu. Make cloud-native things.

Classic Ubuntu fun88体育
or new Ubuntu Core

The popular Ubuntu fun88体育 is great for developers and system administrators.

The new Ubuntu Core is an appliance platform with immutable packages.

Ubuntu fun88体育

The world's most popular Linux includes a huge range of debs with rich dependency handling, as well as the new snaps for transactional package updates.

Best for machines with high sysadmin touch.

Learn more about Ubuntu fun88体育 ›

Ubuntu Core

The all-snap Ubuntu Core runs only strictly confined snaps and locks the entire appliance down with immutable images and signatures.

Best for appliances.

Learn more about Ubuntu Core ›

Security matters most

Get 10 years of automatic security updates for every major CVE.

Any compromise of your device puts your reputation on the line.

  • Fast fixes

    Canonical publishes security updates for Ubuntu every day. You choose when they get installed on your devices.

  • Binary package updates

    Canonical builds and tests binary package updates for Ubuntu. No need to integrate a mountain of source code patches every year.

  • CVE tracking

    A database of fixes supports your customer compliance policy by making it clear which issue is addressed in any update.

  • Trusted Compute

    Ubuntu provides a verified boot sequence and full disk encryption with optional hardware keys.

  • Strict confinement

    Keep your custom software strictly confined as snaps to ensure any problem stays isolated.

  • 10 year maintenance

    No other embedded Linux comes close to Canonical's commitment to long term security.


Automatic tracking of Ubuntu component licenses and monitoring for your packages help you and your customers meet obligations.

  • Automatic source publication

    Meet GPL requirements automatically.

  • Annotations

    Know what licenses are used in each package.

  • Scanning

    Let us check for undocumented or unauthorised code combinations.


Develop, deploy, iterate and improve. With Ubuntu and snapcraft, your embedded app teams run at cloud speeds.

Global Snap Store

The global Snap Store delivers apps to millions of Linux machines every day. It's the perfect way to get exposure for your app. It integrates directly with GitHub and Travis, and best of all it's free to use.

Custom 'Brand' Store

Choose which snaps will be available to your devices. Control versions and updates. Create exclusive snaps for your ecosystem. Set prices and SLAs appropriate to your market. For ODMs, resellers and integrators, manage app stores as a service.

Let's discuss your Brand Store

DevOps for devices

Build, test and publish applications automatically. Bring CI/CD to your IoT and appliances. Give your developers a pipeline to deliver updates to customers straight from their standard process, and empower customers to test beta and pre-release versions.

Whether you're using Git with Travis or Jenkins, automated snap creation is just a few steps away. For open source projects, we will even build your snap for ARM, x86, POWER and Z. Canary updates and automatic rollbacks let you go fast with confidence.

All kinds of containers


App containers with transactional updates for system software.


Bring your cloud containers and CI/CD tooling to the edge.

Using apt and debs:

Using snaps:


Enable microk8s for secure container orchestration.


Machine containers create full independent OS workspaces.

Ultra-reliable updates

  • Transactional

    Failed updates roll back to the last working version automatically, allowing for rapid deployment.

  • Auditable

    All snaps are digitally signed and can be verified at any time. On Ubuntu Core, the entire device is immutable and traceable.

  • Secured

    Every application is confined to its own area for heightened security. On Ubuntu Core, the OS is locked down too.

  • Snap deltas

    Binary deltas mean we transmit the least possible data per update, saving you time and money.

  • Snapshots

    Backup device data at any time. Integrate with your existing data management strategy.

  • Update control

    Schedule snap updates to align with planned maintenance windows.

Hardware? Easy.

We certify the major platforms so you are ready to roll.
Fixed-price enablement and certification of related boards.

Reference platforms

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Intel NUC
  • Qualcomm Dragonboard
  • i.MX6 SABRE Lite board

Explore Ubuntu reference platforms

Ubuntu enablement

  • Get Ubuntu on your preferred board
  • Activate standard and custom capabilities
  • Security updates for 10 years
  • Supported by Canonical

Get in touch about certification

Unleash your hardware

Have a custom board? Let us deliver a standard Linux for your developers.

  • Super connected

    Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE. It's all at your fingertips. Standard system services with long term maintenance included.

  • Sensor integration

    Get your real-world data streams flowing with the UPM and MRAA packages for Ubuntu.

  • Architectures

    Our entire platform is certified on both x86 and ARM. Pick your favorite, or use both in a product family with little overhead.

  • Right size silicon

    Start on Ubuntu and select the right silicon close to physical shipment, when your performance needs are better defined.

  • Performance optimised

    Canonical works with the leading silicon providers to optimise the entire stack — from metal and kernel to computer vision and AI.

  • Secure appliances

    Full disk encryption, secure boot and hardware key management raise the bar for trusted computing at the edge.

Backed by Canonical

Long term support, defined and delivered. We'll get you from POC to MVP and shipping in record time.

  • Frictionless development

    Standard images of Ubuntu are free to download, get started with no friction.


    We are trusted by the world's most demanding institutions to deliver platforms for regulated services.

  • Managed maintenance

    Updates and support from Canonical, for the life of your device.

  • Enterprise management

    Thousands of companies manage Ubuntu every day. Your appliance will feel right at home.

  • Global support

    No matter where you ship, no matter where your customers are, we can be there when you need us.

  • Edge pioneers

    The intelligent edge is born on Ubuntu. From telco to retail, the trailblazers choose Canonical.

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