From VMWare To Charmed OpenStack

Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your infrastructure with open source adoption

Due to the costs associated with VMware licencing, support and professional services, many are not able to meet their primary goal - significantly reduced TCO. In search of alternative solutions, organisations have recently started exploring other open-source platforms such as OpenStack.

This whitepaper:

  • Compares VMware’s proprietary virtualisation offerings with an open-source approach, Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack.
  • Presents the economic and efficiency benefits of taking an open-source approach.
  • Provides a detailed cost analysis highlighting the savings an organisation can make by migrating from VMware to Charmed OpenStack.

Also, watch the ‘From VMware to Charmed OpenStack’ webinar for a demonstration showing how to migrate an IT workload from VMware to Charmed OpenStack using the Cloud Migration as a Service tool from Cloudbase Solutions - Coriolis®.

Coriolis is the simplest way to migrate Windows or Linux virtual machines alongside their associated storage and networking configurations across multiple cloud platforms. Among the advantages of Coriolis are it’s scalable architecture, agentless design, integrated scheduler and REST API allowing automated operations.

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