EdgeX – Unifying the IoT edge

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What is EdgeX?

EdgeX is a set of microservices that enable developers to build apps that run at the edge.

It provides the components to develop data collection, analytics, and command-control apps. It's designed to run on thousands of devices and sensors.

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Why do developers love EdgeX?

EdgeX provides C and Go SDKs that allows developers to build cloud-to-edge applications, whether that is to a public, hybrid, multi or on-prem cloud.

It also includes an ecosystem of device services that provide connectivity using protocols such as Bacnet, BLE, Modbus, and MQTT.

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Security, intelligence and blistering speed

Furiously fast

  • Build a smarter edge. Save your cloud for later.

  • Lower latency by moving cloud workloads to the edge.

  • Run complex workloads like AI/ML with more data.

Patently private

  • Smarter edge apps mean secure workloads can stay at the edge.

  • Keep data on the device and process information locally.

  • Minimize exposure of sensitive data to networks.

Built like cloud-native

  • A modern and curated IoT platform with one API for seamless out-of-the box operations.

  • Modular and containerised microservices.

  • An ecosystem of developers and vendors.

You can't go wrong. Literally

  • Silicon and software. OS and cloud. Language and protocol.

  • EdgeX remains agnostic to them all, so you can accelerate to market.

Cut costs. Improve security.
Trim time to market.

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