Enterprise Kubernetes for multi-cloud operations

Container orchestration streamlined from cloud to edge

Ubuntu is the reference platform for Kubernetes on all major public clouds.
Canonical Kubernetes is built on Ubuntu and combines security with optimal price-performance.
Our cloud-native automation framework ensures developer productivity and business innovation.

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Public cloud Kubernetes powered by Ubuntu

Cloud-tailored experience, optimised kernels, unlimited options

  • Ubuntu is the host OS for the world’s most popular cloud-hosted Kubernetes
  • Per-cloud optimisations for performance, boot speed, and drivers on all major public clouds
  • Out-of-the-box cloud integration with the option of enterprise-grade commercial support
  • Ubuntu Pro provides deeper integrations on logging, monitoring, analytics and identity
  • In-cloud Ubuntu package mirrors for high bandwidth and local updates
  • Full control over kernel security patching with Canonical Livepatch

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The hybrid multi-cloud Kubernetes future

Combining best-of-breed solutions from public and private clouds guarantees long-term cost & performance optimisations.

Our Kubernetes seamlessly integrates with public and private clouds.

Tailor K8s to your business, build affordable clusters, connect them across environments.

Kubernetes with Canonical support

CNCF conformant Kubernetes with streamlined multi-cloud operations


Low-touch Kubernetes for micro clouds, thin edge and IoT

  • All Kubernetes services and the most popular add-ons in a single package
  • Minimal ops for easy clustering, self-healing HA and simpler upgrades
  • Lightweight K8s for resource-constrained environments
  • Secure by default, strict confinement, and long term support
  • Fixed-price deployment
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS

Charmed Kubernetes

Composable, operator-based Kubernetes for the enterprise

  • for fully automated operations
  • Pluggable CNI, CSI, CRI and monitoring components
  • Carrier-grade and hardware acceleration features
  • Support for third-party components and services
  • Fine-grained service placement

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Shared Benefits

  • Pure upstream Kubernetes across clouds of all form factors
  • Extensive tooling catalogue, lifecycle automation, and hundreds of integrations
  • Enterprise-grade high-availability & GPU acceleration, tested across all major clouds
  • Security patching and updates from the Ubuntu security team
  • ARM, x86 and specialised hardware to empower your innovation


Fully-managed Kubernetes

Cost-effective Kubernetes-as-a-service on public and private clouds

  • Predictable economics, full-stack monitoring and clear responsibilities
  • Tailor-made Kubernetes deployments to address your use-cases
  • 24/7 active management by our team of experts
  • 99.9% uptime SLA means you get time back to focus on your business
  • Experiencing traffic peaks? On-request scaling is part of the deal
  • Upgrade fast to the latest stable Kubernetes the SAAS way
  • Data and security compliance certified by industry standards
  • Get back the keys to your Kubernetes as soon as you feel ready

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Take control of your Kubernetes

Next level Infrastructure-as-code for intent-driven operations and integrations

  • App domain operations knowledge, distilled into code
  • Reduced complexity with composable application topologies
  • (OLM)
  • Parameterised async Day 2 operations
  • Fine-grained sidecar workload control
  • for shareable, reusable operators
  • Less YAML, simpler operations code

Integrated cluster management platforms

Remove complexity of Kubernetes cluster management

  • No need to yaml and cli, we integrate with the most popular GUIs
  • Single pane of glass for your Kubernetes and container estate
  • Unified multi-cluster management and real-time monitoring
  • Policy-based management, governance, security and compliance
  • GitOps at scale for application management and configuration
  • Flexibility across environments from public cloud to edge

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Full stack K8s services

Transform your business and safeguard your infrastructure

Long-term Enterprise Support

Get full-stack support through Ubuntu Pro.
A single subscription for long-term security maintenance, kernel live patching and mission-critical infrastructure support from kernel to containers.
24/7 enterprise-grade support for K8s, OS and applications, from public cloud to the edge.

Bootstrap your Kubernetes journey

Kubernetes Explorer

Training & onboarding package

Three-day Kubernetes training to ramp up your team’s skills, including:

  • Kubernetes fundamentals
  • Container development basics
  • MicroK8s enablement
  • Charmed Kubernetes enablement
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Kubernetes lifecycle management
  • Security essentials

Kubernetes Discoverer

Reference architecture design & deployment

Three-day training & 2-week deployment of reference K8s architecture, including:

  • High Availability
  • Public clouds, VMware, Openstack
  • Storage & SDN basic options
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Kubernetes lifecycle management
  • Security essentials
  • Supported or Fully Managed

Kubernetes Discoverer Plus

Custom architecture design & deployment

Three-week custom architecture deployment project and knowledge transfer, including:

  • High Availability
  • Public clouds, VMware, Openstack,
  • Storage & SDN extensive options
  • Third-party integrations
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Private registry options
  • Logging, monitoring, alerting
  • Kubernetes lifecycle management
  • Security essentials
  • Supported or Fully Managed

Kubernetes clusters with Kubeadm

Canonical provides commercial support for Kubernetes clusters deployed using kubeadm.

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Train for the future

Train your sysadmins and DevOps engineers to become Kubernetes, OpenStack or Ubuntu fun88体育 experts. Canonical runs training programmes to suit all environments and all levels of experience. Get the most out of your investment.

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