Private cloud, design and delivery

Carrier grade, banking security, government scale. Serious private clouds are our business.

Hundreds of successful OpenStack clouds underpin our consulting, training, architecture design, and hardware procurement advice - to help you evaluate and deliver OpenStack.

Engage Canonical experts

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Canonical will design and deploy OpenStack on your premises

Building and running an OpenStack cloud requires specialised expertise and low-level Linux OS knowledge. Canonical brings the full stack — from kernel to containers to applications — along with operating experience from hundreds of OpenStack deployments around the world to get you started efficiently.

Once you are certain OpenStack is the right choice we can deliver your cloud for you. Only then do you need to commit the devops talent required to run your cloud, or outsource that to Canonical as well.

From zero to private cloud — OpenStack delivery on rails

With many years experience deploying, supporting, running and upgrading OpenStack clouds, Canonical offers a unique fixed-price private cloud delivery service with a proven reference architecture, called Private Cloud Build.

What's available with Private Cloud Build?

  • Onsite workshop for introductions, requirements gathering and architecture design
  • Existing VMware, public cloud and on-prem workload assessment
  • Ongoing operations automation for scaling, node replacement, upgrades
  • Full high availability of all OpenStack control plane and API services
  • Containerised, hyper-converged or discrete architecture flexibility
  • Optimised KVM hypervisor for virtual machines and LXD container guests for ultra-dense Linux
  • Resilient network-based Ceph and direct-attach storage options for guests
  • VMware migration tools and services
  • Observability, log analysis and monitoring dashboards with Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, Elastic Search and Kibana included as standard
  • Complete handover with tenant onboarding, documentation, and details of ongoing support
  • Backup and recovery from TrilioVault for OpenStack provides integrated data protection capabilities
  • Automated re-deployment guide and scripts
  • Option to have Canonical provide operations and management remotely for a period
  • OpenStack upgrades by Canonical on demand
  • Compliance requirements analysis
  • Telco VNF expertise and onboarding

Working with Canonical

If you have complex requirements, Canonical structures the engagement as a series of iterations, starting with proven and well-understood components and architecture. The goal is rapid engagement with other parts of your business that you hope to win as internal customers, and evolution to add capabilities based on their feedback together with your requirements as the IT infrastructure owners.

Time-to-engagement is the key metric for private cloud, since the flow of workloads is dependent on devops confidence in the new infrastructure. The sooner you engage your application developers and operations teams, the sooner you will start growing your private cloud capacity.

Cloud architecture design and consulting

Canonical experts work with your architects to establish your private cloud requirements and define the optimal architecture for your initial business workloads.

We advise on hardware selection and map out potential enterprise integrations for your OpenStack cloud such as storage and identity.

Ops dashboards and monitoring included

Logging and monitoring complex distributed systems is an art form! Canonical's operations teams run hundreds of infrastructure subsystems and clouds, and have converged on a world-class open source monitoring stack.

Your Private Cloud Build comes with modern open source tools — Prometheus, ELK and Nagios — for deep insights into your infrastructure performance and health.

24x7 support or outsourced operations

Our support plans have you covered so your cloud receives updates, and an SLA for issues that arise during operations.

We also offer on-demand upgrades to newer versions of OpenStack if you want us to take care of it, and full remote operations and cloud management if you'd rather stay focused on your business workloads exclusively.

Get started on your OpenStack journey with Canonical, the global leaders

Consulting, design and delivery pricing

Our consulting delivery package comes in two flavours — Private Cloud Build and Private Cloud Build Plus, with the latter offering more consulting time to evaluate and integrate a wider range of custom architectural possibilities.

Fixed-price delivery

Consulting packages tailored to your needs

No hidden costs. No surprises. Everything is clear from the beginning. We design the cloud. We build the cloud.

Choose your package:

Private Cloud Build

$75,000 fixed price

Design and deployment of a baseline OpenStack cloud based on the reference architecture.

What's included: *

  • Hardware guidance and sizing
  • Reference architecture
  • Simplified networking
  • Hyper-converged or Converged
  • Containerised control plane
  • Observability stack
  • Block and object storage
  • High availability

Design and delivery on certified hardware.

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Private Cloud Build Plus

$150,000 fixed price

Design and deployment of a carrier-grade, feature-rich OpenStack cloud based on a custom architecture.

What's included: *

Everything in Private Cloud Build, plus:

  • Custom architecture
  • Containerised or isolated control plane
  • Complex networking
  • LDAP or Active Directory integration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Encryption in flight and at rest
  • EPA tuning options
  • Block, object and file storage
  • Layer–7 load balancer
  • Secrets management

Workshops determine the optimal architecture for your workloads and integration requirements.

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* Additional features, functionality and integrations are available via add-ons

Support and operations — for smooth running clouds, 24/7

Enterprise support

Ubuntu Advantage

$1,500 per fun88体育 per year

What's included:

  • 24-hour phone and web support
  • Access to self-service customer care portal
  • Access to Canonical's knowledge base
  • Landscape Systems Management
  • Includes support for Ubuntu guests
  • Includes support for Kubernetes
  • Includes optimised Windows guest drivers

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Fully Managed OpenStack

Managed OpenStack

$500 per fun88体育 per month

What's included:

  • Fully managed OpenStack service by Canonical
  • Build, operate and transfer OpenStack
  • Outsource operations of your OpenStack cloud
  • SLA and regular independent audits
  • Training and transfer options
  • Fastest way to engage your developers
  • Reference private cloud or custom architecture
  • Most cost-effective approach up to 200 nodes
  • 24/7 operations with fully staffed NOC
  • Optional Managed Kubernetes service on top
  • EU and US-only operations options available

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Find out how Canonical delivers the world's favourite enterprise OpenStack. The choice of the largest operators in telco, finance, media, pharma, retail and government sectors, Canonical's OpenStack on Ubuntu offers a flexible architecture and enables integration of GPUs, FPGAs and cloud network accelerators.

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