Fully managed OpenStack private cloud. Half the cost of VMware.

The fully managed private cloud service from Canonical is the fastest and most cost-effective path to a private OpenStack cloud.

  • Half the cost of owning and operating VMware at scale
  • Fully managed cloud on your fun88体育s, at your location
  • Built in two weeks using a proven reference architecture
  • Customise the architecture in iterations based on workload
  • VMware workload analysis and migration services
  • Enterprise SLA for your cloud API services
  • Robust, OpenStack native data protection capabilities
  • Your team has access to all machines at all times
  • Modern monitoring and log management
  • We will hand over the keys when you are ready

Focus on your business while Canonical takes care of your first OpenStack.

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Performance and reliability at scale

Cloud infrastructure needs to be competitive with public cloud, and it needs to be fast and reliable. Our experience with OpenStack at scale ensures that we deliver efficient and resilient clouds — with an SLA.


The largest cloud and web operations choose Ubuntu and Canonical. We know what it means to operate fast-moving complexity at scale.


Squeeze the most out of your space and fun88体育s with our fully converged reference architecture. The only completely containerized OpenStack operation.


High availability and resilience in storage, networking and data protection underpins our managed services' SLA and your peace of mind. Designed to be tough in the face of reality.

Canonical's managed services deliver Charmed OpenStack on Ubuntu, the most flexible OpenStack, designed with efficient and reliable operations in mind by people who work every day with the world's cloud leaders.

Features of Canonical OpenStack

Analysts rate Canonical cloud efficiency

Total cost of operations is the long-term factor that determines how many workloads you will run on private cloud versus public cloud. In the latest 451 Research analysis of cloud economics, Canonical's OpenStack stands out for efficiency against VMware and other OpenStack distributions. We match the public clouds, too, because we believe in multi-cloud operations.

  • Private clouds should be run at very high density
  • Capacity planning is simplified with public cloud burst
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure results in significant savings
  • Minimal overhead ensures maximum guest performance
  • Full automation of deployment and operations
  • High-availability architectures underpin our leading SLA
  • Service includes unlimited guest instance enterprise support
  • Migration of workloads from VMware for immediate savings

Cost effectiveness is essential for private infrastructure, in a world where everything is available as a service. There is no such thing as reassuringly expensive cloud infrastructure, only uncompetitive cloud infrastructure.

Independent report

Busting the myth of private cloud economics ›

451 Research, highlights savings gained from using Managed OpenStack

Security first — trusted by the OpenStack majority

Canonical, a founding member of OpenStack, provides security updates for thousands of production OpenStack clouds worldwide.

We offer multi-year maintenance for stable cloud deployments and upgrades for those who want to move to newer versions of OpenStack when they are released.

The OpenStack super-users who run the largest and most complex Openstack deployments choose Ubuntu because of our quality and security. Peace of mind comes from working with the people who support the widest range of cloud architectures in the widest range of business sectors and geographies.

Canonical will help you meet telco, finance and government sector audit and compliance standards, with kernel live patching, optional FIPS compliance, and a range of security and monitoring integration points.

Ubuntu powers 55% of OpenStack in production. Source:

Managed private cloud, a perfect fit for multi-cloud environments

We recommend a multi-cloud operations strategy for every company running applications at scale. The combination of public clouds and efficient, automated private infrastructure, ideally with outsourced and standardised operations under the hood, offers the best mix of latency and price across both fixed and variable workloads. We understand why no one type of cloud architecture or infrastructure is ideal for everyone

Complementary value propositions

Fully managed OpenStack

  • Controlled density and performance
  • Bare metal speed with containers
  • CAPEX for long term workloads
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integrated data protection
  • Data sovereignty
  • Existing footprint

Public cloud

  • Elasticity for highly variable load
  • Many regions for low latency
  • Choice of providers
  • OPEX as needed

Canonical is a leading partner for all major public clouds, so we deliver cloud-neutral advice for both private and public operations. The right location for a workload should be driven by economics, not habit. Give yourself the freedom to choose.

A selection of Canonical's customers using managed OpenStack service

Just like a public cloud — exclusively for you

Outsourcing the daily operations of your OpenStack may seem scary at first glance, but it's exactly the same as using the public cloud, and most organisations today recognise the value of public infrastructure. It's time to get out of the business of micro-managing your infrastructure; how to cable the racks, how to organise the disks, how to optimise the network, these are all old-fashioned concerns.

Standardise the commodity parts of your operation - outsource those to the experts, but retain complete control of your unique and differentiating workloads.

  • Underlying infrastructure is a commodity - Canonical provides it that way
  • Operating on top of a managed private cloud is just like using a public cloud
  • Multi-cloud operations are consistent with a private cloud but not with legacy virtualisation
  • Choose the level of over-commit and control average workload performance

You don't spend a lot of time arguing internally over the way to optimise the network cabling on your AWS estate, and that keeps your team focused on their business critical applications. Managed OpenStack brings the same focus to your private infrastructure.

The smart approach to data center outsourcing

The outsourcing of the 90's proved problematic, because EVERY change became subject to cross-company contracts.

This is different.

Managed private cloud draws the boundary at a very specific level - just the infrastructure operations are outsourced. All business workloads are operated on the cloud, by the business, which can drive change as fast as needed using a fully automated cloud infrastructure.

That makes a much more efficient arrangement - commodity layers are run by cloud specialists like Canonical with the resulting operational efficiencies. Specialised business applications are run by the business owners - who are the experts in what they want.

A fully managed private cloud in your DMZ is the first step for many companies - run low-risk workloads in a private cloud where someone else sweats the details but you get the financial benefits of long-term compute and storage ownership because it's in your data center on your hardware.

Canonical's Managed OpenStack gave us instant access and all the benefits of a cloud platform with fixed, predictable and manageable cost comparable to public cloud. We have the assurance of a reliable, run by experts cloud platform and can grow and adapt it as we need

Daniel Rylin, Head of IT Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions, Tele2

Refresh your data centre with fully managed OpenStack

  • Predictable CAPEX and OPEX

    Dedicated hardware is the most cost-effective for long-term workloads. Managed OpenStack costs are predictable per fun88体育 per month. Transfer control at any time.

  • Elasticity and agility

    We scale your cloud on demand. Just call to let us know there are additional racks in the DC. We'll remotely test the hardware and expand your OpenStack - all with zero down time.

  • No distractions

    We operate the OpenStack, you run your apps. The benefit of any cloud is the ability to focus exclusively on business apps and differentiation. Your private cloud should be the same.

  • Cloud native storage

    Use proven software‐defined storage like Ceph, Nexenta Edge, and Swift in your Managed OpenStack, or integrate your existing SAN.

  • No lock-in

    Your team can monitor every machine in the OpenStack cloud, and be trained to operate the cloud themselves. We will transfer operations to them on request.

  • Upgrades built-in

    As OpenStack evolves, your private cloud can be upgraded with zero down time. Canonical guarantees upgrades to newer versions of OpenStack, in place. Nobody else does.

  • App-store included

    Operate many standard software workloads exactly the same way on public clouds and OpenStack. A large portfolio of open source solutions and best practices.

  • Directory integration

    Real-time login integration with your corporate Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure means better security and happier users. Available in Private Cloud Build Plus.

  • SDN flexibility

    Canonical OpenStack works with the widest range of SDNs, from Neutron OVS/OVN and flat provider networks to Cisco ACI, Calico and Juniper Contrail.

  • Cloud native data protection

    Add TrilioVault backup and recovery for both data and metadata to improve resiliency and meet SLAs.

Count on Canonical's OpenStack expertise

  • Guaranteed SLA

    Our expertise, based on data from hundreds of clouds, underpins your Service Level Agreement. Our operations are certified, with regular independent audits.

  • NFV ready

    Managed OpenStack is your fastest path to a modern VIM. As a VNF vendor, Managed OpenStack service enables you to test your VNFs on the most widely used OpenStack in telco.

  • Security

    Operated to the high standard of Canonical's own production OpenStack, supporting critical public services for 60m users and devices.

  • Full stack support

    As the publisher of Ubuntu, Canonical uniquely supports the full stack. Complex problems in cloud infrastructure require analysis and fixes all the way down to the kernel. With us, there are no loose ends.

  • Log aggregation

    The Canonical's team actively monitor your OpenStack 24/7, providing observability, alerting, capacity planning and continuous service checks to ensure your cloud is healthy and stays that way.

  • Transfer support

    Canonical offers training and on-premises Cloud Reliability Engineers to smooth your transition to internal operations when requested. Trust us to get you started in the best possible way.

Build, operate, transfer and support

The best way to keep costs down and ensure a high quality cloud is to use a repeatable, standardised methodology for workload analysis, requirements gathering, deployment and operations.

  1. Design and build

    Together, we design your OpenStack cloud based on your hardware, scale, roadmap, applications and monitoring system.

    We'll guide you through the hardware specification process to maximise the efficiency of your capex, and we'll tailor the architecture of your cloud to meet your workload, security, regulatory and integration requirements.

    Then we build your cloud. We do this at your office and in your preferred data center.

  2. Operations

    We take responsibility for the remote management and 24/7 availability of your OpenStack.

    Your SLA covers uptime and performance. Your hardware and software are proactively monitored. Scale on demand with additional racks.

    Canonical will tend to the infrastructure so that you can tend to your business workloads. The most important thing for a new private cloud is engagement with development and operations teams, to build confidence in the private cloud for application hosting.

    This period will prove the business case for your OpenStack and ensure high service levels during the critical early stages of your journey, so you can evaluate OpenStack without making a large commitment to skills in a complex and unfamiliar technology.

  3. We transfer control

    On request, we'll give you the keys. We provide training and a handover process with on-site cloud reliability engineers to ensure a smooth handover.

    Some customers never want to operate OpenStack. For many people the benefit of the cloud is freedom from the infrastructure layer and Canonical's managed OpenStack service offers that in your own data center.

    But if you do want to take control, you have full visibility from the very beginning on every aspect of cloud management, performance tuning, log aggregation and monitoring.

    There's no better way to learn OpenStack than to run a cloud shoulder to shoulder with Canonical.

  4. We support your operations

    Once you have control of the cloud, Canonical provides 24/7 enterprise telephone support. Since we know the architecture of your cloud, problems are faster to debug and easier to resolve.

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Customisable cloud

  • Fully managed Kubernetes

    Canonical also offers Managed Kubernetes clusters on bare metal, OpenStack, VMware or public cloud. Combined with our Managed OpenStack you have a full cloud and container infrastructure, on prem.

  • Private Cloud Build Services

    Even if you want to operate the cloud from the beginning, we can still help you design and build it.

    Get started fast with our reference architecture to optimise your workloads.

  • Custom integration

    Integrate your OpenStack with existing storage SANs, network and SDN controllers, identity systems like LDAP or Active Directory, and monitoring systems. Get OpenStack training and consulting from the experts.

  • Containers for legacy apps

    Use the , LXD, for pure-container guests in OpenStack.

    Faster to launch, with zero latency and amazing quality of service, LXD guests are the bridge between traditional VMs and next-generation Kubernetes.

  • AI and Machine Learning

    Turn your data into automated decision making and dramatically improve service levels, optimise processes, and react instantly to real-time data.

    With GPU and FPGA pass-through your OpenStack cloud becomes a shared machine learning platform for your data scientists. Canonical leads in AI/ML in partnership with nVidia and Google.