ROS Extended Security Maintenance

Hardened and long-term supported ROS environment

ROS ESM will be your ally from beginning to end, from the improvement of user experience in the Robot Operating System (ROS) to the maintenance of robots on the field. Don’t let anything stop your robot.

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What is ROS ESM?

As your code develops and packages change, ROS needs to be continuously patched and updated, along with your other software dependencies. This time-consuming endeavour detracts from your robotics development. But running un-patched and unmaintained versions of ROS exposes your robot, company and customers to serious risk. The challenge increases when working with End-Of-Life (EOL) ROS distributions and dependencies such as ROS Kinetic and Python 2.

Delivered in partnership with Open Robotics, ROS ESM provides a hardened and long-term supported ROS environment for your robot and its applications. Even if your ROS distribution of choice hasn’t reached its EOL, with ESM, you can count on backports for critical security updates, common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) fixes and bug fixes for ROS and Ubuntu base OS distribution.

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Maintainer of the Robot Operating System and Gazebo

Benefits of ROS ESM

Maintain your ROS environment

Just like the rest of your software, ROS needs regular maintenance as projects scale. The more robots you have, the more tedious, expensive and time-consuming the process gets.

ROS ESM provides you with continuous maintenance of your ROS environment through CVE and critical bug fixes.

Reduced attack surface

Running un-patched and unmaintained versions of ROS exposes both your robot and your customers to serious risk.

ROS ESM offers backported security fixes to your ROS environment for a long-term supported system beyond EOL.

Enterprise support

Tracking down community maintainers can prove challenging and does not guarantee a timely and high-quality fix.

ROS ESM gives you a single point of contact to log bugs and propose fixes. Get unparalleled support from the ROS and Ubuntu experts.

A Hardened ROS environment

Upstream ROS updates and packages can break backward compatibility (API and ABI breakage).

ROS ESM delivers security patches, eliminates API/ABI breakage, and fixes high and critical CVE fixes and bugs for ROS.

Planning for Migration

Migrating to newer ROS and Ubuntu distributions is not always straightforward. It requires planning, dependency availability and downtime, which can be costly for you or the customer.

ROS ESM keeps your workload compliant and secure while you plan your system migration.


Whether your ROS distribution is reaching its end of life, or you are not receiving the tailored updates and fixes your system requires, ROS ESM is here to make your work easier.

ROS ESM offers:

  • Enhanced ROS stability for your working environment, through curated packages and dependencies that won’t break API/ABI
  • Backported security updates and Common Vulnerabilities Exposures (CVE) fixes both for your ROS distribution and its dependencies
  • Enterprise support to report bugs and propose fixes for ROS
  • Linux kernel and open source security updates for the Ubuntu base OS, key infrastructure components, like Ceph, OpenStack and Kubernetes, as well as open source applications, like PostgreSQL and NGINX

Extended Security Maintenance is only included for 64-bit x86 AMD/Intel installations.

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Get a hardened and long-term supported ROS environment

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