Build security into your robot's future with Ubuntu

Tech visionaries choose Ubuntu to build ultra-secure and software-defined robots

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution for large embedded systems. As autonomous robots mature, innovative tech companies turn to Ubuntu to realise their vision of a robotic future. We are your partner in innovation.

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Proven in the field - companies using ROS on Ubuntu

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Enhanced security for mission-critical robots

Several layers of security are stacked in Ubuntu Core to keep potential surfaces of attack as low as possible for your product deployed in the field.

Read the Securing ROS on robotics platforms whitepaper ›

System integrity: assured

Only digitally signed software packages of your choice will be installed to your robots. Installed software is immutable and application data fully encrypted. As a result, your software is protected against corruption. Malicious software cannot be installed on your robot, generated data is safe from privacy invasions.

Each package is its own sandbox

Each application running on your robot is confined to its own environment, adding an additional layer of security. Anomalies will never propagate through the system. The total isolation of processes and their associated data makes localisation and resolution of errors easy.

Continuous security updates

As soon as vulnerabilities become known, security patches are delivered to each robot in your fleet. Our Extended Security Maintenance offering for Ubuntu Core is active for up to ten years. You don't have to worry about CVEs, we keep your security debt at zero.

Catalyses new business models

Improve the return on investment for your robotic assets.

New avenues for monetisation

Public and private app stores unlock new avenues for monetisation. Earn recurring revenue, upsell add-ons to your users, and create platform ecosystems around your robots.

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Enabling robots as a platform

Our brand stores allow you to commercialise your robots in a way that was not possible before. Tie in vendors and resellers to your product ecosystem. The future proof technology underlying snaps will stretch the life of your robots, and transform them into evolutive platforms.

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Ready for all boards, frameworks and applications

We want to minimise your startup costs and time to market. That's why we have made Ubuntu compatible with the most popular frameworks and silicon.

Compatible with popular open source robotics frameworks


ROS modularity is best leveraged in the Ubuntu environment. Snapping ROS modules helps manage the complexity of ROS based applications.


Deep learning machine vision applications can be developed with OpenCV on top of Ubuntu.


Ubuntu Core is the best fit for autonomous drones. Snaps allow orchestrating the different components of the PX4 library to develop aerial robotic systems

Broad support for development boards

Raspberry Pi



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A detailed look into choosing your robots OS getting to market, and more.

Case studies

Case studies from customers and partners who are using Ubuntu for their robots.


Examine the fundamentals of a successful AI project that helps your organisation achieve their AI ambitions.

Bootstrap for production-grade robots

This is how you can get started today:

  1. Pick your development board

    Ubuntu is supported by popular development boards and the majority of high performance SoCs. Other boards can be enabled to work with Ubuntu: we provide full options for device enablement when needed.

    Read the board enablement overview
  2. Set up your development environment

    Set up your development toolchain with Ubuntu fun88体育 via or on your Ubuntu Desktop. Install Snapcraft to build a bespoke application stack for your target use case. Benefit from the wealth of tools and libraries available on Ubuntu, and take advantage of the strong community support.

  3. Create your production stack on Ubuntu Core

    Snaps allow you to package and sandbox your application stack. With Ubuntu Core and snaps, you will be able to create lean production images streamlined for the purposes of your application. Test your production image in KVM before flashing it to your board.

  4. Set up your service infrastructure

    Before going to production, get in touch with us to set up the infrastructure for the successful launch, maintenance and long term support of your product.

Download Ubuntu Core

Try Ubuntu Core 20 on one of several popular development boards

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Make your own Ubuntu Core device

Walk through the steps to build an image for a device

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